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The City of Cambridge

Cambridge is a university city located in eastern England to the north of London.

It is renowned throughout the world for having one of the oldest and best universities. It still has this reputation now and has also become an exciting hub for research and new businesses particularly in the field of bio-medical sciences. Cambridge, like Silicon Valley, is a place where the latest scientific ideas are being used to develop new business opportunities.

The city centre is an atmospheric and beautiful area of shopping centres, university buildings, museums, a river and parks. It is an ideal place to study because it has hosted students for hundreds of years. There are also a lot of great things to do such as punting on the River Cam, visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum or shopping. Cambridge has a very diversified food scene with excellent restaurants and food outlets, good nightlife and thriving theatre and live music scenes.

It has a great local transport network of buses, electric scooters, cycle-paths and walkways. It is also well connected to outlying villages and towns such as Grantchester, Huntingdon and Ely. Central London is 1 hour 15 minutes away by train.

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Why choose ILC Cambridge to study English?

✓ Central location in the heart of historic Cambridge.

✓ Within minutes of everything Cambridge has to offer.

✓ An exciting and innovative science and business hub.

✓ 1 hour 15 minutes by train from London.

✓ The perfect place to study, experience the essence of Cambridge and explore England.


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ABC Cambridge is based in the historic university city of Cambridge – the ideal place to live and study! Our programmes are flexible, so you can choose the course that suits you, whether that’s full-time, part-time, in a group, one-to–one…… taking an exam or just for fun. Our students study English for their work, to live in England, to go to University - even to travel - but they all have one thing in common: they’re serious about wanting to improve their language. Our teachers are friendly and approachable, with a wide range of professional experience which enables them to provide specialist as well as general courses. Most importantly, they love what they do and work very hard to help students achieve their personal goals.

Offers  the following programmes and services:

  • A wide range of general and specialist English as a     Foreign Language programmes
  • Cambridge International Summer School – adult, junior     and family programmes
  • Group Study Holidays for school and company groups
  • ABC LIVE online courses in our virtual classroom

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