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About ILH

International Language Holidays (ILH), with over twenty-five years of experience in organising courses for Young Learners, provides a safe and supervised learning environment in seven beautiful locations in the East and South of England, near London, Cambridge and Southampton. The ILH team ensures that students have an enjoyable, safe, and relaxed English language holiday by supervising learning, activities and excursions 24 hours a day. Our qualified and experienced teachers make every effort to ensure that classes are both educational and fun.

In addition, ILH offers students various activities and excursions. Students can participate in cultural activities, visit historical and tourist sites or engage in sports and entertainment activities. These activities and excursions provide students with an opportunity to use and practise English in real-life situations.

English language holidays offer young students an opportunity to learn English in an environment where they feel secure. The ILH team is always ready to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. Students participate in fun and interactive lessons in the classrooms and our teachers use various teaching methods to make the learning process engaging, rewarding and useful.

English language holidays offered by ILH provide students with both a fun and educational experience. Students improve their English language skills, make new friends, explore different cultures, and create unforgettable memories.

Explore our summer school courses