Work Experience

Doing An English course with an element of work experience is a great way to improve your language by learning in class and practising in a real situation. You can do a course where you spend the morning studying general English and the afternoon doing voluntary work in a charity shop.

In the morning, you will be with other international students learning and having fun. You will learn in many different ways. You will have a course book and the lessons will be about many interesting everyday topics such as food, clothes, transport and work. You will watch videos, listen to songs and practise your listening. You will learn a lot of new words and the teacher will help you with your grammar. Most of all, you will practise speaking to the teacher and the other students so that you get better at speaking and build your confidence.

In the afternoons, you will have a different kind of experience. You will be in a ‘real’ situation where you have to use your English to cooperate with other people who work in the shop and maybe with customers also. You may have to answer customers’ questions. You may have to give advice. You may have to ask other colleagues to help you. But you will do all of this in English using the skills and language you have learned in the morning.

In the evenings, you will continue to use your English in another situation. You will be with a homestay provider living in their home. Here you will have a chance to practise talking about everyday things. You will eat together and spend time together in the evenings and at weekends.

The three parts of this course, the General English course, the work experience and the homestay accommodation together give you a complete and unique experience of learning English in different types of situations throughout the day. In addition to that, at the weekend, you can explore great cities such as London, Bristol, Cambridge, and Birmingham.