Why English language is important in business?

As most people know these days, English is the language of business and communication worldwide.

It will help you to communicate better with your international contacts. Business English is the type of English used in things like international trade, banking, health care, finance, banking, and many other professional environments. It involves special clarity, specialised vocabulary and more formal grammatical structures.

At International Language Centres (ILC), we have 6 popular and varied UK locations where you can study Business English alongside our regular General English Main Course that will prepare you for work in a professional setting and give you the confidence to express yourself with more appropriacy and accuracy in presentations, meetings, letters and emails and general conversation. In our course, you will practise delivering all of these and your teacher will correct you and offer advice on improving your performance as needed.  The course is 20 lessons per week (15 hours) General English and 5 lessons (3 hours 45 minutes) of Business English.

Good business English needs to be appropriate.  You cannot use language that is too informal or familiar when meeting a new colleague or client for the first time.  The last thing you want to do is offend someone by using the wrong expression that could end up losing your company a contract or repeated business with them!  The ILC Business English course will compare business culture in your country and your major trading countries like the US, the UK, China, Japan and others where required. 

Accuracy is vital in expressing yourself in business English.  You need to use short, clear sentences to make your message correct for the person you are communicating with.  Mistakes and misunderstandings cost time and money!  However, it is always important to be polite so that conciseness is not mistaken for rudeness.

As our business English Course is combined with General English, we recognise the importance of communicating informally with colleagues or customers at suitable times.  This can help you build good relationships that benefit the company and your working life.  ‘Small talk’ is always useful in communicating verbally and sometimes in emails.  For example, most British business people often start by discussing the weather where they are or their journey today (if meeting in person).  This is usually kept brief until the end of the meeting when small talk returns to perhaps ask about weekend plans, sport or family.

If you cannot travel to the UK to take one of our courses, you could always study with us online by a group course or a one-to-one class with one of our experienced teachers.

Not only will an ILC Business English Course help you to communicate with your colleagues better, it will help your career and your company to succeed even more in our globalised world!  Contact ILC today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.