What is summer school?

Summer school is fun. Summer school is all about having fun, learning English, making new friends and having an adventure. The best place to do all of these things is in the UK. Summer schools in the UK are a great chance to study, learn, make new friends and visit interesting places all at the same time. In summer school, you will be with children from other countries and you will be safe. Summer schools have very good safeguarding systems to look after young people.

Good summer schools are a perfect mix of fun and learning. Usually, you have lessons in the morning and do activities in the afternoon. The lessons are fun with a lot of communication, and you learn topics which are interesting to teenagers. So, there are lessons about clothes, music, money, the environment, holidays, festivals: all the kinds of things young people want to talk about. The lessons include a lot of songs and you-tube clips and lively interesting materials to spark your interest. There is a lot of group work and interaction with students from other countries. Also, there are chances to do role-play and acting and make presentations in front of the class.

In the afternoons, there are lots of activities to choose from. There are sporting, cultural, social and artistic activities. You can do your favourite sporting activities like football, swimming and tennis, but also more unusual activities like fencing. There are also cultural activities like African drumming and visiting museums and other places of local interest. Some students like to get involved with artistic activities such as painting, modelling and T-shirt design and painting. Other students like to participate in social activities like Karaoke, team building and watching movies. Good summer schools have such a variety of activities that you can choose and have lots of different types of fun.

Interesting trips and visits are another big part of summer school. On a good summer school programme, you will go to interesting places near your centre, you will also visit famous interesting cities like London, Cambridge and Brighton. There you can see the famous sights, go shopping and explore these new places with your new friends. Often, in the evenings, there are discos and barbeques so you can mix socially with your teachers and your new friends.

Generally speaking, there are two types of summer school programme, Homestay and Residential. In a Homestay programme you stay with a local family. In the evenings, you spend time with them, eat with them and get to know them. This is a great way of improving your English. In a Residential programme, you live in a residence which is usually part of a school. These schools are big traditional buildings with large grounds and a lot of facilities. The students share rooms in small groups and get their food at the residence. Both these two types of programmes have their advantages and are great fun.