What is student life like in the UK?

What is student life like in the UK?

Although the United Kingdom (UK) can be called an island, here at ILC (International Language Centres) students can expect to have a life-changing experience at any one of our 6 branches located throughout the country. The UK is such a multicultural and diverse country that students from all over the world will feel supported not only by the staff at our schools but also by the people that call the UK home. In the UK, we are known for being a friendly society so, whether you are talking to someone you just met at the bus stop or your neighbour asking to borrow some sugar, the British really are a kind nation and will make you feel right at home. 

So, how what is student life really like living in the UK?

Well, after making the first difficult decision of which ILC city to study in, students choose where to stay. This could be with friends who already live in the city, halls of residence or staying in a homestay. Wherever the students decide to stay, ILC is here to help with the student’s needs, whether it be advice on private rented properties or help in finding a homestay. Choosing any of these options will really help students become surrounded by the English language and the culture, although the food may be slightly different to what they are used to.  

When a student arrives at the college on the first day at an ILC branch, we will give a welcome meeting, so students know exactly what to expect on each day during their time at the college. Just like the accommodation, classes are chosen by the student making the hours of study flexible and there are different options. There is the Main Course, held daily from 9:30-12:45pm (20 lessons – 15 hours a week). There is the Main Course Intensive which includes the Main Course and a communication skills class from 13.30-15.00 (10 lessons – 7.5 hours a week) and there is the Evening Course which runs Monday and Wednesday 18.00-20.30 (6 lessons – 4.5 hours a week). So, hours of study can vary from person to person. 

After class, the ILC City of choice is at the student’s disposal. Each week, we recommend things to do or places to go to really help the student get the most out of the experience of living in their new environment. There is also our activity programme which is held weekly and can be an activity in the ILC branch such as a coffee chat or outside such as a historical walk. Each of our ILC cities hosts a variety of things to do and see whether it is meeting friends in the library to study or maybe going out in the city centre there is plenty for everyone no matter what you enjoy. Also, to make sure students are staying safe outside, there is a 24-hour emergency number for the student to call. 

If a student wants to work, however, this can be slightly more difficult and will depend on a student’s status and country of origin. Students on most visas will be able to volunteer for around 30 days for a registered charity but cannot do any paid or unpaid work for a UK Company. 

Student life can be stressful with balancing studies and social life, although it is not an impossible situation and if students plan their time wisely, being a student here at ILC can be quite easy and time will fly by.