“The Pleasure of Reading” By Pete Mann

May 12, 2023

When I was young, I used to love getting lost in the pages of a good book! Nowadays, the passion for reading has declined. As a result,  many people rarely open a real book for the pleasure of reading a well-told story. This has resulted in a general difficulty in learning to read and an unawareness of the pleasures and knowledge that reading brings us.

Intensive And Extensive Reading

Some people will choose to read shorter, detailed texts in order to get desired information. This is termed intensive reading. If somebody has a library card and the opportunity, they will read for pleasure. They choose books that are fun and interesting to read. This is referred to as extensive reading. This article will focus on extensive reading and its advantages.

Extensive Reading

Students are free to choose to read or not to read a particular book. They can always stop reading a chosen book if it is not their cup of tea and start a new one. However, students should explain why they didn’t enjoy the previous book to prevent them starting books continuously without ever finishing them! The most important thing is to be able to read first and foremost for enjoyment.

Students can be rewarded for the numbers and types of books they choose to read. Book reports and mini presentations area fantastic approach to evaluating students, but ideally they should not get in the way of developing a love of and a passion for reading. It is of great importance that chosen books are at the appropriate level. Graded readers are written at a variety of levels but are also adapted from famous literature and non-fiction texts, so students are able to find books they want to read at the appropriate level. As any self respecting bookworm will know, it is not essential to understand every single word in a book to enjoy it. For EFL English learners, it can be a very enjoyable process to create a list of new words that they encounter in order to look them up at a later point, or to stop and consult a dictionary when an unknown word is important to understanding the text. This will not seriously impact the reading experience and will add to the learning experience.

The Advantages Of Extensive Reading

If students read books and novels from cover to cover, they will become better readers and will accumulate more vocabulary. They will improve their writing skills and improve their language competence. They will become more motivated to read and study in general. As a result, they will learn to understand and share the feelings of others. All these benefits will come from a developed passion for reading.

The Book Library At Ilc Portsmouth

ILCPortsmouth language school has bookcases on the ground floor near the reception desk. We have a wide selection of books on various subjects. Additionally, we have graded readers at all levels, based on classic novels, well-known stories and feature films. Just ask our friendly admin team to help you select a reading book at the appropriate English level for you. Reading a good book will help you improve your English and will be both rewarding and relaxing!