The Local Area Around Ilc Bristol

May 12, 2023

If you don’t know the area around ILCBristol, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that we are located extremely close to the city centre and all its amenities, while still being away from the busiest and most crowded part of town. It takes about 3 minutes to walk to Cabot Circus shopping centre, which is Bristol’s most modern and popular retail area, which also contains restaurants and a cinema. There you can find all the big names like House of Fraser, Next and H&M. There are also plenty of places to eat like 5 Guys, Costa, and Wagamama.

If you walk all the way through Cabot Circus, you reach the city centre of Bristol, known as Broadmead. This is where the majority of shops are, and you can easily get nearly anything you need from supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Lidl, as well as cafés, banks and pharmacists. It’s ideally if you need to do some shopping, go to the bank, or pick up some medication.

Another 5 minutes or so walking will get you to Castle Park, a medium-sized park over looking the large canal that cuts through the city centre of Bristol. There are plenty of places to sit down and eat some food or take in the view. It’s a particularly popular destination during the summer for picnics. From there, two other popular spots of Bristol are the famous Saint Nicholas market and King Street. The market is fantastic as you can find many specialities and traditional foods that you can’t find in the modern commercial areas, and there are several lovely, independent cafés and bars. It’s an ideal place to soak up the local culture. King Street is a lovely old-stylecobbled street, teeming with bars and restaurants, as well as one of Bristol’s best theatres, Bristol Old Vic.

Finally, another very popular part of Bristol that is worth mentioning is the Harbourside. Being located on the other side of the city, it takes about 20 minutes to walk there. However,it’s definitely worth it! The harbour side is a recently developed area down by the Bristol harbour, an open body of water that gives attractive views and a“seaside” feeling to Bristol. As well as the water and boats, you can find awide array of bars and restaurants, entertainment such as Lane 7 bowlingand a permanent Ferris wheel, and several cultural hotspots. Chief among these is the amazing M-Shed, which is a free museum and gallery about Bristoland its history. There is also We The Curious, offering interactive exhibits relating to science and technology, and Bristol Aquarium.

As well as the city centre, there are several areas further out from the city centre that you absolutely must visit during your stay in Bristol. Firstly, there’s Clifton, with the observatory and famous suspension bridge, which provide some amazing photo opportunities.Then there’s the beautiful country towns of Bath, Wells and Glastonbury,which are truly inspiring. They are really interesting places to visit, full of history and culture. We regularly organize trips to these places as part of oursocial programme taking the bus or the train from the stations located withinwalking distance of the school.

There’s no doubt you’ll have things todo in Bristol!