Ten reasons for learning English.

Everybody knows that English is an international language, and many people believe that it can help you in yourlife. But what are the ways in which learning the English language can help you.

1. Many of us love to travel. These days we can go on holiday to beautiful and interesting places all around the world. In most places in the world, people speak English in shops, restaurants hotels, railway stations and airports. So, travelling is easier if you speak English. Also, many other international travellers speak English, so it is easier to make friends on holiday.

2. Many people would like to study in a university in an English-speaking country like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA or the UK. To do this, you need to have good English and you probably need to take the IELTS exam.

3. Many people would also like to study in universities in other countries like India, China, Brazil, Turkey, Nigeria and South Africa. These days many universities globally are cosmopolitan with students from all over the world. For this reason, it is useful to be able to speak English for both academic and social reasons.

4. Another reason for learning English is to get a new job. These days many people want to move to another country to work. This is a lot easier if you can speak English, as many international companies expect their employees to be able to speak English.

5. Some people already have a job but want to be promoted or get more responsibility. They may be in competition with other employees who want to be promoted. Employers globally like employees to be able to speak English because it is the language of business.

6. In certain professions, the ability to speak English is valued very highly. People such as doctors, nurses, scientists and engineers use a lot of English vocabulary in their work. They also often go to conferences in other countries where it is normal to converse in English.

7. English is the language of international business. For this reason, it is very useful for business people who want to sell their products and do deals with other business people and companies all over the world.

8. Most people these days like to use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Although there is no rule that says you have to use English on social media, a lot of people do. So, if you want to communicate with people all over the world using Social Media, English is the way to do it.

9. Films and music are extremely popular. A lot of movies and music are produced in English speaking countries using English. Of course, Hollywood is world famous for the production of movies. However, these days there are growing film industries in countries such as India and Nigeria. It is a lot easier to enjoy all these movies, music and literature produced around the world if you understand English.

10. Learning English is fun and easy. Whether you need English for travelling, studying, working or doing business, there are many excellent language schools with excellent general English courses. These language schools can be found all over the world. These days you can even do an online English course!! And there are specialist Business English, IELTS courses and even courses for Medical English.