Best Websites to Practice and Improve Writing Skills Online

September 12, 2023

Best Websites to Practice and Improve Writing Skills Online

Writing is one of the most important skills you can develop. It's something that you'll use for the rest of your life, whether it's for school assignments or emails to your friends. If you want to improve your writing ability, there are tons of websites out there you can use to practice and get feedback on your writing.


  • Grammarly is a popular online grammar checker that's free to use.
  • It's easy to use, too. Simply copy and paste your text into the box at the top of this page, or install their browser extension on your computer or mobile device (for example, Firefox or Chrome).
  • Grammarly has lots of useful features: it checks spelling and punctuation as well as grammar; it has a plagiarism detector; you can get suggestions for improving sentences; there are options for different languages (English US/UK/CA/AU); you can see how good your writing is compared with native speakers' samples in real-time--and much more!


Sitepoint is a great website to learn and practice basic grammar, punctuation and spelling. The site offers free lessons on these topics, which are broken down into easy-to-digest chunks that walk you through the basics of each topic. You can also purchase a premium membership for $29 per month or $249 per year which gives you access to more advanced courses on writing skills such as copywriting and technical writing.

The site has been around since 1998 so it's got some staying power! It was created by one man named Jeff Atwood who wanted to help other programmers improve their coding skills through tutorials he wrote himself (you might have heard of him). Nowadays though there are hundreds of contributors who contribute their articles too so there's always something new coming out every day!

Finally, I should mention that Sitepoint has an app available for both iOS devices like iPhones/iPads etc., as well as Android phones & tablets - so regardless of whether you prefer using your smartphone over desktop computers when doing homework assignments this could still be worth checking out before making any decisions :)


Readability is a free online tool that measures the readability of a text and highlights areas that need improvement. It uses the Flesch-Kincaid readability test to determine the reading grade level of a text, which can then be used to identify areas where you may want to make changes in your writing style.

The Readability Test works by analyzing various features such as sentence length and word choice, so it's not always accurate (and might even give you some false positives). However, it can still be useful if you want an idea of how readable your writing is compared with others.


Chegg is a great resource for students, especially those in need of help with writing. The site offers online tutoring services and has a collection of writing guides and resources that can be accessed by anyone who needs them. It also has an active blog with tips and tricks for writing better essays, research papers, and more--and it's updated regularly!


ESLBabble is a great resource for students and teachers who want to improve their English skills. It is a free online writing tool that allows users to check their grammar, spelling and punctuation. ESLBabble also provides tips on how to improve your writing skills.


PaperRater is a free online grammar checker that helps you improve your writing skills. It checks for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors as well as plagiarism. You can use it to check your work or the work of others.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)

The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is an online writing resource for teachers and students. It offers information about grammar, usage, mechanics and style. The site is available in many languages including English, Spanish and Chinese.

The Purdue OWL is best suited for high school students who are learning how to write academic essays or college students who need help with their thesis statements. It's also a good resource if you're teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) classes because it offers helpful tips on writing in English from ESL writers themselves!

The Write Practice

The Write Practice is a free, online writing platform that makes it easy to practice and improve your writing skills. It's also very flexible--you can use the site for any type of writing project, whether you're working on an academic paper or just trying to write something more personal.

The website has a lot of great features that make it easy to use:

  • You can save your work as you go along so that you don't lose anything if there's ever an internet outage (and trust me, this happens!). Then when the power comes back on again, all of your progress will still be there for you!
  • You can share what you've written with other people who may want feedback on their stuff too--the site has built-in commenting tools so everyone will know exactly what they need help with next time around!

Rhetoric and Writing

Rhetoric and Writing is a free online resource with a wealth of information on writing. The site has a collection of articles, essays, and research papers that you can use as resources while you are working on your writing. You can also sign up for their newsletter so that they send you updates about new content or important announcements.

The blog section contains posts about grammar, citation styles and other topics related to academic writing.

Grammar Girl

If you're looking for a free service, Grammar Girl is not it. However, if you're willing to pay and want some in-depth analysis of your writing skills, this website might be worth it. Grammar Girl offers both free articles about grammar and usage as well as paid content that includes additional tips on how to improve your writing skills. The site also has a podcast where Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl) talks about various topics related to grammar and usage while giving examples from real-world situations.


Kibin is a website that allows you to improve your writing skills online. It has a free writing tool that checks spelling, grammar and style in real-time. The paid service also includes additional features like editing, feedback on drafts and more personalized coaching sessions with experts in the field of writing.

Kibin's main feature is its Writing Assistant which helps users compose better essays by providing feedback on their drafts as they write them at no cost whatsoever! You simply have to sign up for an account before using this feature--it takes less than five minutes!


Writefix is a free online writing tool that helps you improve your writing skills. Its features include spellchecker, grammar checker and plagiarism checker.

The spellchecker option allows you to check for spelling errors in your text; the grammar checker option will catch any grammatical errors or mistakes in sentence structure; finally, the plagiarism checker can be used if you want to make sure that no other writers have used words from your article before (this is especially useful if you're working on an assignment).


The best way to improve your writing skills is to write. The more you practice, the better you will become. If you want to increase your knowledge of English Language and English writing, these are the websites to improve your writing skills in English.  The best Websites to improve your English are listed follow them for more writing tips and to improve your English grammar.


We hope this list of the best websites to practice and improve writing skills online has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the section below!  If you would like to know more about our courses here in ILC, check out our website for more information on International Language Centres!