5 Tips for Choosing the Right English Course for You

Do you want to learn English but you’re not sure which English course is right for you? Look no further! Here are 5 tips for choosing the right English course for you.

Study in-person or online?

You should think about whether you prefer to go to study your English course in-person (also known as “face-to-face” orF2F) or if you would enjoy studying your English course online. There are benefits to both, but one might suit you better.

Study in group classes or individually?

Some people prefer the social aspect of doing an English course in groups with other people. Of course, this can be a fun way to learn English and develop your communication skills, and you can learn a lot from your classmates. However, it usually means less time with your teacher. Remember, you can study your English course online in groups or as private classes.


The advantages of individual or private English courses are that they are tailored around your needs and you don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing! Of course, they are normally much more expensive. If you have specific goals that you want to achieve, which are different to just improving your level in a general sense, then private classes are for you. These goals might be something like: passing a Cambridge exam, learning how to write essays, decreasing your accent etc.

Exam preparation or general English course?

Do you like doing exams in English? Some people prefer the pressure that comes with an exam. They are also useful if you need to prove your level of English. However, the focus is normally on how to pass an exam, rather than improving your overall level. Even if one day soon you know you need to do an exam, like the IELTS exam, if your goal is to improve your level, then you should probably choose a general English course. 

How much time do I have to dedicate to learning English?

The honest truth is that learning a language is hard! It also takes a lot of time. Many people get disheartened or give up because they don’t realise how much time is needed, or they find they can’t fit in studying around their busy lives. You should think carefully about how much time you have for studying, which includes doing homework and not just attending classes! Then, choose a course that fits. Maybe an evening part-time course would be better for you, or perhaps you could do an intensive timetable for a short time?

What else do you want from your course?

Some English courses provide more than just tuition. Many schools in English-speaking countries offer social programmes alongside their English courses so you can have fun, meet new people and enjoy the culture of the country.

At International Language Centres (ILC) there are many choices available – something for everyone! You can choose from Britain’s second biggest city, Birmingham, to the historic, pretty city of Colchester. There’s a historic centre of education, Cambridge, or the super popular city of Bristol, bubbling with artistic energy. If you prefer being by the sea, the port cities of Southampton or Portsmouth are for you. Whichever ILC location you choose, you can be confident in your choice of English course.